Hey. Howdy. Howzzzit?
I'm Amy Buller.

All Things Aquatic & Active, Dogs in Uniform, Travel-sized Yoga Mats, Hoppy Beer, 100% Dark Chocolate, and Time with my Favorite Humans.

Hailing from the SF Bay Area, I snagged both a B.S. in Exercise Biology and a B.A. in Visual Communications (Graphic Design) from UC Davis. This dynamic duo of majors spawned a unique creative process: one guided by my science background and rooted in a lifestyle of health & wellness.

I’ve been designing since I could hold a tube of glitter glue and still prefer to sketch by hand before taking things into the digital realm. I have diverse creative experience in apparel design, print, illustration, typography, branding, photography, and UI design. Fueled by inspiration found in the natural world and geometric grids,  my work has a quality which makes structure feel organic.

Why Infinite Swell?
When there’s swell in the water, surfers are ALL CAPS STOKED. Their stoke spreads and builds hype. Infinite Swell stems from the post-surf feeling of delight and wholeness – a sense that all is swell and good. It’s a wave I’m stoked to capture, create, and share. Can I get a swell yeah?

My Creative Process:
Casual Observations
(& the Inside Scoop)

Exploring Forests & Seas (Strategic Thinking)25%
Blasting Justin Timberlake (Research / Concept Development)20%
Lizarding in the Sunshine (Finalizing Creative Direction)10%
Thriving in Extrovert World (Client Meetings)15%
Sipping Homebrewed Kombucha (Producing Deliverables)30%

Rad Client's I've had the Pleasure of Working with