Colors, Conflict and Cuisine | Jerusalem – Israel

June 4, 2018Adventure
A Vibrant Palette The iconic Jerusalem stone provides a naturally gorgeous backdrop for vibrant accents. People, wildlife, and thoughtful details color the city. Unified by location, an array of disparate elements contribute to Jerusalem's canvas. The People are Safe, the Borders are Not Being home to the some of the holiest of sites in both [...]

Desert Dwellers | Dead Sea Region – Israel

May 29, 2018Adventure
Herod the Master Builder A visit to Masada confirmed King Herod knew how to build. Just in case he needed to escape, this legendary fortress included farmland, bathhouses, a synagogue, 2 palaces, and a water source. The story where Jewish refugees held off the Roman army for a handful of years is quite the tale. [...]

Swimming Through the Holy Land | Israel

May 22, 2018Adventure
Body Surfing: The Cure for Jetlag Within a couple hours of landing in Tel Aviv, we were bodysurfing in Herzilya – I'm convinced that jumping in the water is a surefire way to beat jetlag! Open water swims in the Med were the perfect kick off to coastal mornings. Follwing a visit to Caesarea, we [...]

Namastay in Hawaii | Maui, HI

February 15, 2018Adventure
Friends of Friends of Friends My friends have great taste in friends. And now I have new friends. To celebrate Leslie's 30th birthday, a girl gang of her closest friends, but strangers to each other, flew out to Hawaii together. We all hit it off, and returned home feeling like we'd known each other for [...]

Chasing Waterfalls | The Amazon Rainforest – Bolivia

January 20, 2018Adventure
Rivers Are Roads We forded over 20 rivers and streams (each direction!) on this expedition. The jungle isn't easily accessible to your average vehicle – Land Rovers WIN. As we forged our way through the lush jungle, consistently cleansed by rain, it was easy to understand nature's conflict with a developing world. Wild rainforest aren't [...]

Escaping Winter | Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia

January 10, 2018Adventure
Salteñas & Sunburnt Conversations We hopped the equator and traded winter in Santa Cruz, CA for summer in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. A government protest shut down the city, providing us with ample time to enjoy yerba mate tea, explore the rainforest, and launch massive fireworks. Our fearless leader, Ruth, showed us the [...]

Surf, Coffee, Repeat | Big Sur, CA

January 2, 2018Adventure
Highly Caffeinated I'm not a diehard coffee drinker. But reallllly early (pre-5am) wakeup calls have coffee written all over them. This was one of those days, and the boys continued the ritual between sessions. On Repeat It was a triple session kind of day. The waves didn't stop, the coffee scene didn't stop, and the [...]

Water & Light | Waddell Creek Beach – Davenport, CA

December 5, 2017Adventure
Winter Sessions It was one of those thank-god-for-wetsuits-and-hot-coffee kind of mornings. Santa Cruz surfing calls for wetsuits 362 days out of the year and  this session was no exception. Crispy clear skies made for a gorgeous dawn patrol, but the chilly wake up took an extra dose of commitment. Love at First Light The play [...]

Pirate Dreams | Hume Lake, CA

November 14, 2017Adventure
Let's All Buy Boats I love dreaming up alternative life plans. Buying a boat and sailing off the grid isn't a half bad idea. In fact, it's one a certain brother of mine advocates for. Thanks to him, whenever I see boats of any mind is set adrift to wilder dreams of life at [...]