Devin + Sean | Southern California – Simi Valley, CA

October 7, 2017Wedding
Runners and Mermaids The men of Sean included many of his college teammates and were seen running around the venue throughout the morning in true cross country fashion (yes, that meant rocking the classic short shorts). The ladies of Devin donned dreamy aqua blues and made for a classy mermaid crew. Squat Goals Nervous before [...]

Paige + Ryan | Hacienda De Las Flores – Moraga, CA

June 23, 2017Wedding
Getting Ready: Girls vs. Boys The pre-wedding getting ready scene was a bit different for the ladies and gents. The girls savored a full morning of beauty rituals while the boys opted for a quick change (complete with bubble shenanigans) at the ceremony site. In the end, everyone looked their best! It's All in the [...]

Melinda + Patrick | Highlands Park – Boulder Creek, CA

June 10, 2017Wedding
Flower Power The couple’s relaxed attitude covered their special day in peace. Guests felt at ease and stress levels, especially behind the scenes, were low – something not to be taken for granted at a wedding! The ladies of the bridal party strongly contributed to the atmosphere and kicked off the day in fun florals. [...]

Lexi + Nic | San Francisco Bay Area – San Jose, CA

May 20, 2017Wedding
First Look Feels First looks make me giddy. As a photographer, it's a part of the wedding I feel especially honored to a witness. Moms aren't there, the maid of honor isn't there. Just me, tearing up behind the camera, watching an intimate moment unfold. It's pretty darn special. Flowers & the Girl This wedding [...]