Rivers Are Roads

We forded over 20 rivers and streams (each direction!) on this expedition. The jungle isn’t easily accessible to your average vehicle – Land Rovers WIN. As we forged our way through the lush jungle, consistently cleansed by rain, it was easy to understand nature’s conflict with a developing world. Wild rainforest aren’t easily tamed.

No Seatbelts Required

Wind-whipped hair, endless greenery, and giant lizards – riding on the Land Rover’s roofrack was a treat. Experiencing expansive views, unobstructed by car windows, felt simultaneously wild and laid-back. We treasured the expedition, realizing it was an experience that might disappear in our lifetime as the country continues to develop.

Falling for Bolivian Waterfalls

We chased some legendary waterfalls. Despite storms washing out most of the trails we planned to hike, the falls we explored were breathtaking. We watched parrots launch from a slot in a shelf rimming a massive waterfall, lounged in the sunshine, and savored time off the grid.