A Vibrant Palette

The iconic Jerusalem stone provides a naturally gorgeous backdrop for vibrant accents. People, wildlife, and thoughtful details color the city. Unified by location, an array of disparate elements contribute to Jerusalem’s canvas.

The People are Safe, the Borders are Not

Being home to the some of the holiest of sites in both Judaism and Islam, Jerusalem is a spiritual lightning rod. Despite underlying tensions and a strong military presence, interactions with locals felt safe. The sight of an Orthodox rabbi strolling through Old City Streets while a Muslim call to prayer rang out was commonplace.

I’ll Halva What You’re Halving 

Halva is a sesame sweet thing-a-ma-treat. Markets smell of delightful spices, and unlike the California norm, saffron is dirt cheap. I enjoyed some of the best cinnamon bread evahhh, at a street bakery. And can we talk about the acai bowl? The. Acai. Bowl. Not speaking a lick of Hebrew, I was able to communicate I wanted the nice lady at the cafe to “make her favorite combo” – and it was an ALL CAPS WIN!