Iron Man + Woodland Goddess

While Conor was training to become an olympic ironer, Lady Jerrica was looking like a forest fairy dream. Thanks to the groom’s brother, and brewery owner, the boys were entertained while the girl gang savored sweet moments together while getting ready.

Made Ya Look

First looks are like a classy, emotional, joyful, sneak attacks of love! Conor literally jumped up and down waiting for Jerrica—and I’ll be honest that my heart jumped, too, when they saw each other. I love first looks for their intimacy, raw reactions, and spontaneous nature. These moments fuel my passion for wedding photography and remind me that my job is an absolute treat.

Eat Some Za!

Since this wedding featured a rager of a pizza party…I just had to get a ring shot. Thank you, Costco pizza box. Conor and Jerrica are damn good at adulting, but in some ways they refuse to grown up. That being said, I’m excited for them to grow young together. Perhaps pizza is the true fountain of youth.

Shenanigans Forever

Barefoot, slightly covered in ants, and love drunk – this portrait session had us laughing our faces off. Life with Conor and Jerrica will never be boring. Their sense of humor is a strength of their relationship and spreads a welcoming charm. Hanging with these two and capturing their wedding day was a blast!