Runners and Mermaids

The men of Sean included many of his college teammates and were seen running around the venue throughout the morning in true cross country fashion (yes, that meant rocking the classic short shorts). The ladies of Devin donned dreamy aqua blues and made for a classy mermaid crew.

Squat Goals

Nervous before the ceremony? I won’t judge you if you squat it out. If it works to cure pre-race jitters, it’s sure to do the trick as a warm up before walking down the aisle.

Rings & Kisses & Pigs, Oh My!

All the un-single ladies! It was special to see generations of love in a huddle of rings as moms and grandmas brought it in. The kids decided kisses are gross, but were happy for the couple nonetheless…they were a little more excited about the pig roast. All around, the details of this day were full of fun!

Golden Hour Gold

Last light. I’m obsessed every time and never regret chasing the sunset. Was stoked to steal these two away for some golden hour goodness.