Salteñas & Sunburnt Conversations

We hopped the equator and traded winter in Santa Cruz, CA for summer in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. A government protest shut down the city, providing us with ample time to enjoy yerba mate tea, explore the rainforest, and launch massive fireworks. Our fearless leader, Ruth, showed us the best time in her hometown  – and now I’m sold on local favorites like Salteñas, yucca fries, alligator and piranha. With the weather toggling between pouring rain and bursts of sunshine, we played frogger as we dodged traffic (pedestrians don’t have the right of way), exploring the city on foot amidst passing storms.

Sand Dune Shenanigans

Thanks to Ruth’s dad’s off-road skills, we ventured out of the city to Lomas de Arena Regional Park. When you travel with photographers, photo shoots are inevitable. When you travel with surfers, sandboarding is logical. Epic lighting and cardboard boxes made all the dreams come true during our afternoon at the dunes.

Punctuality Schmunctuality

Bolivians live life as a sequence of events, rather than adhering to a fixed schedule. I didn’t wear a watch the whole trip or carry my phone on most days. We’d simply move to the next event of the day collectively whenever the time felt right. When a family friend offered us a weekend at their cabin in the jungly mountain town of Samaipata, we jumped at the chance. Our time was spent exploring pre-incan ruins, hammocking, and wandering through markets. Since there wasn’t a rush to get to the next event, we were consistently on time!