No Better Time than the Present

We planned this shoot the day before…and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I was sitting on the tailgate of my truck, editing a recent engagement shoot, when this pretty mama stopped by on her evening walk. We’d wanted to do a family shoot for a while, and since the weather was looking perfect, we decided the following evening was our opportunity. Some of my favorite memories have come together in spur of the moment scenarios!

Predictably Unpredictable

What happens when you score a gorgeous sunset, have a happy baby, and a cooperative pup? Thissssss. Kids, puppies, and weather are all ridiculously unpredictable variables. I’m a bit of a wild child at heart, a sucker for every single dog on the planet, and love to play outside. The adventurous nature of shoots like this excites me…and I’ve chosen to embrace the wild card elements!

Fog Don’t Kill My Vibe

As we headed up the coast, the fog bank started rolling in thick. This rockstar crew wasn’t phased by the fact that the temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees over the course of a 15 minute drive. We were prepared to cuddle up and have a snuggly shoot, but thanks to a rouge breeze, the fog line remained out at sea. All in all, we scored a stunner of a sunset!

Miracle, Baby!

This little buddy is a true miracle. It was a treat shooting with the Griffins. They are a family that is strong, genuine, and full of gratitude. The backstory leading to the birth of this baby boy is legendary…and I’m stoked to see what the next chapter brings for this rad fam!