Besties for the Resties

Back in the dark ages, Melissa and I were in Facebook relationship. It was a college joke and I’m glad that we’ve both found our true loves. Steve is a much better fit for her … and I give their love a big thumbs up!

Covered Bridges Falling Down

Oh wait, that’s London Bridges…this bridge didn’t fall! The only falling that occurred was these two falling deeper in love. And yes, I love dad jokes and puns! I had a suspicion the lighting would dreamy at the time we swung by this vintage site, so we decided to add it to our itinerary on the fly.

Tree to Sea

We spend the afternoon in the redwood forest, making our way to the coast. Melissa and Steve were pro models and came prepared with outfit changes. Even with location changes and a summer heat wave, these two knew how to keep their cool!

Salty Kisses & Sandy Toes

The sunset was an absolute dream and we ended the session at Sharkfin Cove in Davenport. Melissa and Steve are planning a destination wedding in Jamaica, so we figured it would be a good warm up photo location before the big day. Can’t wait for the wedding – one love!