Friends of Friends of Friends

My friends have great taste in friends. And now I have new friends. To celebrate Leslie’s 30th birthday, a girl gang of her closest friends, but strangers to each other, flew out to Hawaii together. We all hit it off, and returned home feeling like we’d known each other for years.

Flash Flood: Ultimate Team Building

The crew bonded quickly on a hike through a bamboo forests along the Road to Hana where we experienced our first flash flood! The water rose about 5 feet in 30 minutes leaving the boulders we had originally crossed the river with well underwater. To say the least, we were THRILLED to make it back to our “soccer mom van” and celebrate with the other hikers we overcame the flood with!

Escaping Winter

I’m used to chilly surf sessions in Santa Cruz, CA. The warm-water-no-wetsuit life on Maui was a mermaid dream come true. I spent a significant portion of my days in the ocean savoring an escape from winter back home.

Namastay In Maui

This was the BEST yoga location. Leslie spoiled us by leading a class by the sea. I practiced yoga on my own this morning, but am smiling back to this day when we shared our practice at the beach. Namaste.