Hills and Views

In true San Francisco fashion, we climbed a ridiculous number of hills during the shoot. Thankfully, the ascents were worth the effort as the hilly landscape rewarded us with stunning vistas. Since it turned out to be quite the urban hike, the responsible thing to do was anticipate a feast of Tacolicious tacos at the end!

Playing Tourist

The funny thing about being a local is that you don’t often do the classic things in your city. We had fun playing tourist as we sought out out views of the Golden Gate Bridge, watched cable cars roll by, and wound our way down Lombard street. Taking photos with these SF icons gave the shoot a timeless quality.

Escaping the Noise

Hidden pockets of natural beauty are San Francisco gems. Andy Goldsworthy’s Wood Line is one of those places. Tucked away in the Presidio, Natalie and Scott immersed themselves in the secret trail and became part of the public art.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Taco-less

From bustling city streets to Eucalyptus escapes, we covered a diversity of landscapes in a short and hilly distance. And yes, we absolutely enjoyed our tacos after wrapping up the shoot!