Getting Ready: Girls vs. Boys

The pre-wedding getting ready scene was a bit different for the ladies and gents. The girls savored a full morning of beauty rituals while the boys opted for a quick change (complete with bubble shenanigans) at the ceremony site. In the end, everyone looked their best!

It’s All in the Eyes

The look in Ry’s eyes when Paige walked down the aisle says it all. The sunbeams covering the ceremony felt like like they were planned – beautiful symbols of love & light.

Let’s Take a Moment

Portrait sessions with the couple are treat. These quiet moments are one of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding. Stepping away from the party for a few minutes with Paige and Ry was a special time to savor the reality of the day.

A Laugh is a Smile That Bursts

Paige has a smile that lights up a room and Ryan is a guy who is sure to bring the fun. What happens when you put these two together AND add their entourage? Let’s just say party was lit and full of laughter. Seriously. I didn’t stop smiling and we all had the best time. I’m beyond stoked for Paige and Ryan. Their wedding day was epic—and an amazing way to celebrate the kickoff to a lifetime of adventure.