Let’s All Buy Boats

I love dreaming up alternative life plans. Buying a boat and sailing off the grid isn’t a half bad idea. In fact, it’s one a certain brother of mine advocates for. Thanks to him, whenever I see boats of any sort…my mind is set adrift to wilder dreams of life at sea. Perhaps one day we’ll hoist the sails of the boat dream and make it a reality.

Oh Starry Starry My-Fingers-Are-Numb Night!

As the sun sank below the horizon, so did the temperature. Unlike the drop in Fahrenheit, our spirits rose as stunning stars lit up the sky. With tri-pod and camera in tow, we set out into the chill of the night to soak in the night’s beauty and capture it to share with friends (like you, dear reader of this blog!) upon our return.

Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew

Maybe I’ll be a pirate one day, maybe not. As long as I’m surrounded by a solid crew, like these fine humans, I’ll be fine living anywhere. Only time will tell where the dice  will land.