Community Foundation
for San Benito County

Live Here. Give Here.

The Community Foundation for San Benito County is passionate about building a stronger community and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families in San Benito County through the support of philanthropic activities. This dedicated organization serves as a bridge between donors and local nonprofit organizations and schools that address community concerns. To learn more check them out here.

The biggest challenge on this project was simplifying a huge amount of information into a structure that allowed for a more effortless user experience. The solution resulted in a complete redesign of their site, both in visual design and informational hierarchy.

Community Foundation for San Benito County


Design by Cosmic

An Intuitive Navigation

To help site visitors choose an initial path to dive into, we separated the top level navigation into three primary categories: Who We Are, Who We Support, and Get Involved. Within each category, the option to dive deeper was presented. Creating a way-finding with batched information created a friendlier experience.

Visual Style

San Benito Country is stunning. Photographer Don Smith generously donated incredible landscape photography for usage throughout the site. His images capture the heart of the community. According to Don, “When taking landscape photos, pay attention to emotional tugs.” These words ring true in the moments his camera has frozen in time – collaborating with him on this project was an honor.

To complement the site’s imagery, without overpowering it, key visual elements were woven through the pages to showcase San Benito County’s colorful community. The pages spring to life with a vibrant blue spot color, iconic geometric rule elements, and a font full of personality by name of Feijoa.

A Committed Team

Teamwork makes the dream work – one of my all time favorite mottos. The team behind the Community Foundation has it’s back and it was a delight to work with them on this project. They say it takes a village. The spirit of this project was impacted by the heart of the CFFSBC. The Foundation’s president & CEO, Gary Byrne summed it up well, “We admire community involvement, creativity, passion, courage, and the willingness to improve the quality of life in San Benito County.”