One Earth, Many Actions

Greenpower is a community-based movement to transition from greenhouse gas-emitting fuels to locally produced and controlled renewable energy. They are a passionate bunch, driven by an imperative that is both social and spiritual. Learn more about their mission here.


Branding, Print, Web

Design by Cosmic


A wordmark is a ideal in establishing a new brand. Having an organization’s name in the primary logo is helpful, especially in solidifying brand awareness. This custom font was designed as the primary logo with end caps suggesting growth and upward motion.

Initially, the icon is a secondary branding element.  As the word Greenpower and it’s signature shade of green become more familiar, the icon has potential to hold more weight and stand alone. Until then, the icon is appropriate for situations where where minimal space is a constraint, such as a social media avatar.

Brand Extension

Imagery highlighting the natural world, an iconic hue of green, and empowering words, are elements woven throughout the variety of collateral and assets for Greenpower’s campaigns. These visuals are used both internally and externally.


The Greenpower website’s driving goals are twofold: to educate and to inspire action. Creating a site with clear pathways to learn about and join the movement was a satisfying challenge! With a hearty amount of complex information and multiple ways to get involved, the process was streamlined into a site that was welcoming and accessible to both individuals and organizations.

A unified system of style and visual hierarchy streamlines the user experience. Whether you’re learning about the Green Churches campaign or looking to contact the Assembly Energy Committee, the site provides tools to access the information you need.

From high level information about renewable energy to the finer details of what an individual partnership is doing in contribution to the movement, Greenpower’s site houses it all. Real time updates keep content fresh and relevant. The site is built on Craft CMS, a system the serves the Greenpower well in easily publishing and updating content.