Adventurous Apparel

Apparel that Adventures

Mount Hermon Adventures is, you guessed it, adventurous. These designs were inspired by time spent playing outdoors. Concepts came to my mind on trail runs, swims, and surf sessions — a natural fit for my creative process.

Want to zipline through the redwood canopy or have an aerial adventure high above the forest floor? Check out Mount Hermon Adventures.

Mount Hermon Adventures

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This loud tank roars. It’s ready to play hard and make a statement. I’m not a late-night kind of girl—but I got sucked into my sketchbook and stayed up past my bedtime getting lost in the patterns of this design. When I wear it, Katy Perry’s lyrics ROAR through my brain and I get psyched to run a little faster. And yes, that’s a selfie of me trying on this roar-tastic design.

Hoodie in Da Hood

Mountains? Check. Ocean? Check. Santa Cruz has it all. The compass hoodie centers on these iconic natural features with a lockup that is grounded by the coordinates of Mount Hermon.

And how cute is my model? This girl is a gem and one of the smiliest smilers that ever did smile. Although she has serious potential as a stock photography model, there was no fake smiling here!

The Tank That Almost Wandered

This whimsy tank almost centered on the word ‘wander,’ but in the end, ‘explore’ felt more grounded. Hand-lettered, hand-drawn, hand-made, and super handy as a wardrobe basic. Artwork placements were based on where I would have tattooed them. I asked myself where I’d put the arrow if I were to get it as a tattoo, and naturally it landed on my back between the shoulder blades.

The Things We Do For Ice Cream

The pocketknife crewneck. This design features a tool filled with a myriad of adventurous options. If only such things existed in reality—I mean, I’d be game to whip a surfboard or carabiner out of my pocketknife.

Visual design aside, another question remains: where did these photos come from? My brother and husband happened to be twinning the day I was working on this case study. Naturally, I asked if they’d be be so kind to let do a quick shoot. They agreed, under one condition: we get ice cream. And so, this bromance of a photo shoot was born.