Santa Cruz Fiber

Fast AF: Fast as Fiber

Santa Cruz Fiber, the brainchild of Cruzio Internet, is becoming a reality in Santa Cruz County. What is it? Local, lightning-fast, fiber internet. It was crucial to design a brand with a strong aesthetic the Fiber team could take to the streets as they rolled out the new project. Learn the latest here.

Santa Cruz Fiber

Branding, Print

Design by Cosmic


Ferrari fast, techy cleanliness, and badass enough to slap on a skate deck – these were the considerations that birthed this gem.

Sneakily tucked within the letterforms of the wordmark, the wings take flight when they stand alone in iconic form.

Branding roll out on a roll? Find it rollin’ down your city streets on the side of one of these guys – internet so speedy it’s sure to put the sprint in sprinter van.

Swag with swagger – the amount of things this brand could be slapped on is swaggering.

And for you trivia nerds, enjoy these factoids of info I needed to solidify in the brain as I worked on this project. 🙂
1. Fiber internet basics: fiber optic cables, made of glass, transmits at lightspeed
2. Yes, there are internet cables running under the ocean – sharks are literally trying to eat our internet.