Body Surfing: The Cure for Jetlag

Within a couple hours of landing in Tel Aviv, we were bodysurfing in Herzilya – I’m convinced that jumping in the water is a surefire way to beat jetlag! Open water swims in the Med were the perfect kick off to coastal mornings. Follwing a visit to Caesarea, we popped into Daddyz surfshop to snag some SUP boards – no matter where you are in the world, the stoke of surfing is a universal language.

Want to Akko Bout it?

Great. Let me tell you a bit about Akko. This ancient port city has been in continuous operation for over 4000 years. How’s that for a trivia fact? In a nutshell, it has a significant Arab influence, an abundance of alleycats, and teal architectural accents thought to avert the evil eye.

Falafel & the DMZ

Not to be confused with the DMV – the DMZ near the Syrian border stands for “demilitarized zone” and was a humbling reminder that times of peace are a gift. Mixed with beautifully preserved sites, the scars of war were ever-present throughout our travels. Also, the falafel in Israel is to die for…wow. If life ever calls for a peace offering, just bring me Israeli falafel and all will be well again.

A Land that Dresses in Layers

Old architecture is rad and being an archaeologist in Israel would be a daily adventure. Cities were repeatedly conquered and build atop old ruins, making for seemingly endless excavation. In addition to ancient cities, we were amazed by the lush waterfalls tucked beneath an unsuspecting landscape at the Banias Nature Reserve. The ruins of Beit She’an were living proof that the Romans were master builders!

Mountain Prayers

Stories about Jesus withdrawing to desolate mountains to pray are easy to picture. Mount Arbel, rising above the Sea of Galilee, was a likely retreat for him. I like to climb mountains when I’m feeling contemplative – being outdoors slows me down and creation reminds me I have been made. The experience of praying on mountains is logical. Yes, Jesus was a human. Clearly I’m a human. He did this. I do this. Whoa.

The Sea (More like Lake) of Galilee

Multiple years working as a lakefront lifeguard had me nerding out on water safety conditions. Relatively shallow water + being -680 feet below sea level + surrounding cliffs rising 2000+ feet = the perfect storm of temp and pressure differences. Being a guard here would be tricky as the conditions are conducive to gnarly conditions. Way to go, Galilee guards!